RIFT Silverwood
RIFT Silverwood (Photo credit: notfrancois)

RIFT dinero

1REX – 7.50€ > 1.250 Credits = 166.67 C/1€
1REX – subasta > 1.250 Platinos
Pack 20€ > 4.220 Credits = 211 C/1€

Loyalty Points Levels:

“Please be aware that each level of Loyalty will start again at 0.”

It means Them not adding the previous Loyalty to previous 30k.

They… put on the next color level blue. So u needs 30k + 90k to get to Purple level.

not 30k plus 60k only..ok?

.(hope at least that if you do some to add more than 30k it’s not .. gone to trash)



Loyalty Points. Accumulated
Green need 30.000
Blue need 90.000 120.000
Purple need 180.000 300.000
Orange need 600.000 900.000
Red need 1.200.000 2.100.000


From Support web

“Each Credit you gain will give 2 Loyalty,

each Credit you spend will also give 2 Loyalty,

and you will receive 7,000 Loyalty for each month you subscribe.”

> So to maximize loyalty has to buy credits x real money,

or REX from Auction House,

then spend this Credits

on the Month subscribe: PATRON PASS from Rift store.

Buy a PACK of 100 € credit

and spend it all on 30-day Patron pass

100€ PACK give you 19.500


4.550 Bonus


24.050 CREDITS

#240 Credits/€
cost PATRON PASS 30 day 24.050 CREDITS


2.160 credits

= 11,134

can buy 11 (month )



11 (30 day patron pass)

= 23.760 Credits


Left 290 credits (spend in some stuff also)
Buying 24.050 credits = 48.100 Loyalty.
Spending 24.050 credits. = 48.100 Loyalty
Total= 96.200 Loyalty.
So Plus 30 day PATRON PASS x 11 u can get:
(month of the PATRON PASS) 11 x 7.000 Loyalty (monthly) = 77.000 Loyalty
Adding all :
96.200 Loyalty


77.000 Loyalty

= 173.200 Loyalty
from 100 € #1.732 Loyalty/€
As said on the Pass: it applies immediately days entering on inventory, added to the status you have,

Supposed also the benefits.

With your 100€ inversion

you will be Blue completed,

and have 53.200 on Purple.

If you just buy credit and spend on stuff in rift store, or buy REX but just sell on the AH,

without buying the patron pass you will be .. half the blue or so.

I dont want to calculate now how much REAL MONEY need to have RED level LOYALTY.

ITs really expensive.