… to heal and recover as the sea for future …

Original : http://www.futawillimapu.org/Llitu/Comunidades-mapuche-lafkenche-llaman-a-sanar-el-mar-de-la-destruccion.html

to help and promote this i translate to English:


From the Territory Futawillimapu public opinion:

The lafkenche Mapuche communities grouped in the Mapuche Territorial Identity Lafkenche organization of the Lake District to the serious situation caused by the phenomenon known as red tide, declare the following:

1- We deeply regret the serious health and social situation that is suffering brothers and sisters who live in the territories futawillimapu (large southlands) by the so-called red tide.

2- We are convinced that this phenomenon is not entirely natural and human action there is definitely linked to over-exploitation and pollution of our ñukelafken and have irreversibly damaged the itrofillafkenmoguen. (All living beings around the sea). We left it clear that industries related to the sea have become our ocean space in a landfill, directly affecting the lives of species and the survival of artisanal fishermen.

3- The remarkable dereliction of duty of public bodies mandated by law to oversee the tasks carried out at sea, such as salmon farming and industrial fishing today we have in this serious environmental and social situation, which as we’ve reported has permanent and irreversible.

4- The proposed compensation payments better known as Bono, by the government to those affected, it seems generally insufficient and openly discriminatory because it ignores the law recognized by the lafkenche 20,249 Mapuche communities customary law region and ratified in applications for marine coastal village space originating force and pending, which makes legal communities sea users affected and therefore subject to compensation.
Photography: Communities mapunche l’afkenche the territory williche | Soyosorno

5- We ask the regional universities allocate researchers to develop independently a finished investigation of the phenomenon of red tide that is living in the area, both in its biological, environmental, social and economic in order to know the scope independently scope and present and future effects and alleged also responsible for it, either by work or by omission.

6- request as members of an indigenous people of the territory affected by red tide be considered, informed and consulted on the possible ways of solution to this serious situation to contribute from the ancestral look at the solutions to overcome this serious situation, the ambition of the salmon transnational corporations and government incompetence has led us.

7- Finally we be in historical, political, organizational and social conditions to take responsibility as lafkenche Mapuche of this great task is to heal and recover as the sea for future generations and our proposal is already embodied in the law 20,249 that creates the coastal space mariner indigenous peoples and it translates as a new form of governance of the coastal border of chile.

Firman lafkenche Mapuche communities in the Region of Territorial Identity grouped Lafkenche Lagos.



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